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About ZHongZHengTian

Shenzhen Zhongzhengtian Technology Co., Ltd. is a (POGO PIN) connector manufacturer integrating production, research and development, and sales. We have a professional and experienced technical team.
The core members have been engaged in POGO PIN testing spring connectors for many years and have many years of experience in product development and manufacturing. They can better respond to the development of difficult products in the high-tech industry. We are brave to innovate and keep pace with the times.

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  • Service philosophy : Customer first

    Business purpose : Innovative and efficient.

    The company's main products are POGO PIN thimble and POGO PIN connector, as well as antenna shrapnel. This product has the advantages of small size, good conductivity, strong contacts, beautiful appearance, stable performance, etc., and it also has a short development cycle and a development cost. The advantages of low and short delivery time can better adapt to market needs. This product is widely used in smart wearable watches (24/48H salt spray test, hand sweat test), mobile phones, medical equipment, car navigation, industrial control equipment At the same time, the company also provides precision metal lathe parts and metal stamping parts, such as: shielding covers, copper nuts, etc., and can design special-shaped products according to customer requirements. We have a professional and senior technical team. The core members are engaged in POGO PIN... .

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    Application field

    Products are widely used in the electronics industry: communication equipment, audio-visual equipment, smart equipment, digital appliances and other major fields


    The advantages of choosing Zhongzhengtian

  • Professional production of POGO PIN thimble and POGO PIN connector, as well as antenna shrapnel



    Complex materials determine different process orientations
    Targeted output《Production material selection plan》




    Faster speed / higher efficiency / quality and quantity / on-time delivery

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      Ten years Experience, excellent and professional R&D and design team!

      All R&D team members of Zhongzheng Tian Technology have been professionally trained and trained; Some of the R&D and designers come from high-end companies in Europe and America, Have mature technical strength in shape design structure and internal structure optimization


      Imported materials High performance, strict quality inspection, longer product life

      The raw materials are imported from Japan, Germany, and Sweden, with stable performance and a service life of more than 5 years; Strict process control, prevention of defects, good mechanical performance, environmental performance and other complete experimental testing to ensure product quality.


      1000 kinds Selection of mature mass production specifications, saving costs for you

      More than 1,000 self-developed standard products and special types allow customers to flexibly choose suitable styles.Reduce customer research and development costs and mold costs, mature products to avoid quality hazards, high efficiency, fast sample supply (4-7 days), and bulk order delivery (7-10 days).

    HONOR certificate

    Product quality is stable and reliable and trusted by the market
    Has successfully passed the ISO9001 international quality management system certification.


    Equipment· Exhibition

    Quality is the lifeblood of an enterprise. Zhongzheng Tian strives for survival by quality and continuously introduces advanced technology and machinery


    News And activities

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    Grow together with customers and form a win-win situation of working with customers to create the future together

    Our company takes "reasonable price, efficient production time and good after-sales service" as its purpose.
    Hope to cooperate with more customers, develop together and create a win-win situation!

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